Portfolio Management Services: Grow your wealth with the help of experts


  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are personalized investment products designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of investors.
  • Managed by experienced professionals who conduct extensive research and evaluate securities.
  • PMS is popular among high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) due to its ability to optimize returns through investments in equity, commodities, and other assets.

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Minimum Investment Requirement:

  • The minimum investment requirement to invest in PMS in India is Rs.50 lakhs.
  • This was increased from Rs. 25 lakhs in November 2019 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
  • Also, the portfolio manager must have assets worth at least Rs. 5 crores in order to be eligible to manage PMS portfolios.


Types of PMS:

  • Discretionary PMS gives the portfolio manager full discretion to make investment decisions on your behalf. This means that you do not have to be involved in the day-to-day management of your portfolio.
  • Non-discretionary PMS gives you more control over your portfolio. The portfolio manager will provide you with investment recommendations, but you will have the final say on whether or not to make a trade.


PMS Fee/Charges: (Varies based on the type of fund)

  • Management fee: This is the most common fee charged by PMS providers and is calculated as a percentage of the total assets under management (AUM). It is typically between 1% and 2.5% of the AUM.
  • Performance fee: This fee is charged only if the PMS scheme generates positive returns. The performance fee is typically between 10% and 20% of the profits generated.
  • Entry load: Some PMS providers may charge an entry load, which is a one-time fee that is charged when you invest in a PMS scheme. The entry load is typically between 0% and 2% of the investment amount.
  • Exit load: Some PMS providers may charge an exit load, which is a fee that is charged when you exit a PMS scheme. The exit load is typically between 0% and 2% of the investment amount.


Benefits of using PMS:

  • Expert guidance: PMS providers have a team of experienced investment professionals who can help you develop an investment strategy that is right for you.
  • Customized solutions: PMS providers can create a customized investment solution that meets your specific needs and objectives.
  • Professional management: PMS providers manage your portfolio on a full-time basis, so you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day trading.
  • Transparency: PMS providers are required to provide you with regular updates on the performance of your portfolio.


Advantages of PMS over mutual funds:

  • More Personalized Service: PMS providers can provide more personalized service than mutual funds. This is because PMS providers have a smaller number of clients and can tailor their investment strategy to each client’s individual needs.
  • More Flexibility: PMS providers have more flexibility in the types of investments they can make. This allows them to take more risks and potentially generate higher returns.


Criteria to choose a PMS provider:

  • Experience: Look for a PMS provider with a team of experienced investment professionals.
  • Track record: Research the track record of the PMS provider to see how their portfolios have performed in the past.
  • Fees: Compare the fees of different PMS providers to find the one that best fits your budget.
  • Services: Consider the services that are offered by different PMS providers. Some providers may offer additional services, such as tax planning or estate planning.



  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India offer personalized investment solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of investors.
  • PMS attracts serious investors with its effective risk management, transparency, and expert guidance.
  • By opting for PMS, investors can benefit from professional portfolio management and work towards achieving their financial goals with more transparency.

If you want to explore PMS, please reach out to us.

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